The exceptional heritage of Paris and its region deserves to be visited in an exceptional way: this is what Paris Heritage Tours offers to you by offering its heritage cars.


A car enthusiast and collector for over 25 years, Guillaume Dazin founded Paris Heritage Tours in 2017 to fully live his passion and share it with his passengers.

He will be your chauffeur and your private guide.


In addition to his passion for car history, he is also passionate about the history of Paris and its region that he knows perfectly. he will enlighten your trip with historical anecdotes, in English or French as you wish.


Former engineer in automotive design, inventor of 6 patents, he knows the smallest details of his vintage cars, for which he ensures a meticulous maintenance.


His goal: to make you live a dream, a magical moment out of time. A total immersion in French culture and Art de Vivre.

A special wish? Do not hesitate to ask him.

The company Paris Heritage Tours is registered for the professional transport of persons:

License N° EVTC095180312.

Our cars pass an annual technical inspection.

The passengers are covered by a professional unlimited insurance.

Our general terms and conditions of sales

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